Monomanual Safe-Lock I/A-Handpiece

At the highest technical level the Mono I/A-Handpiece has the following features:

  • ergonomic disassembling for easy and complete cleaning
  • universal connector makes adaptation to existing Phaco- or I/A-System possible
  • high-precision tips, designed to fulfill changeable demands, from capsulorhexis and cortical cleanup to the most difficult 12 o’clock cortex removal
  • tips have a 16GA (1.6mm O.D.) outer sleeve with dual 0.9 irrigating side ports and 21GA (0.8mm O.D.) inner cannula with 0.35mm aspirating port. Other sizes are available by request.

Monomanuelle Handstücke

Monomanual Safe-Lock I/A-Handpiece
Art.-No. 1093
Handpiece ergonomic handle

Monomanuelle Handstücke

Safe-Lock SL 110
Art.-No. 1094
Straight Tip for standard aspiration procedures with 0.35mm aspirating port
only useable with SL 100